Hyperpaint Brush MIDI

(This project is still in progress. Audiovisuals to be posted soon.)

The Hyperpaint Brush MIDI embeds an accelerometer, gyroscope, magentometer, and haptic feedback motor controlled by a TI DRV2605L into a Simply Simmons XL Stiff Synthetic Round 50 brush. A Teensy LC board is used in MIDI mode to make the brush easily plugged and played in a wide variety of software. A haptic sequence occurs on startup, indicating that the brush is active. On MIDI channel 10, MIDI CC elements 10 thru 15 send accelerometer values at 8G range and gyroscopic values at 2000DPS; MIDI CC elements 20 thru 25 send more sensitive values (2G / 500DPS), while MIDI CC 30 is reserved for sending haptic feedback codes to the brush.

Special thanks to the very talented Shahab Sagheb, who completed all machining aspects of this project, including cutting the brush, hollowing the center, drilling a hole down the center of the brush, and creating custom laster-cut rigs for doing these tasks with extreme precision.