Hyperpaint Brush MIDI

The Hyperpaint Brush MIDI embeds a motion chip and haptic feedback motor into a Simply Simmons XL brush. A Teensy LC board is used in MIDI mode to make the brush easily plugged and played in a wide variety of software.


Based on a Hex Schmitt Trigger. Laser-cut MDF with pressure-inserted dowels. Current "starving," capacitor "drain" switch, opto-isolation strobe, and diode mixing.


Polyrhythmic, light-responsive instrument utilizing CD40106, CD4040, CD4093, and CD4017. Diode mixing switches, and polyrhythmic clock input to step sequencer controlling four opto-isolated quadrophonic gates. Two external modulations inputs.

Beat Extractor

Beat extractor, distortion box, and visualizer. Uses a CD4049 inverter responsive to audio input, creating a pulse wave counted by a CD4040 binary divider. Rotary switches allow selection of divider outputs. Output from the CD4040 also reaches a CD4046 phase-locked loop that attempts to track the pitch of the signal. Three external modulation outputs. Excellent for gating/crushing drum and bass lines, and for visualization of audio signals.

Cigar Box Instruments

A collection sound tools and instruments housed in craft store cigar boxes.

Hacked Devices

Circuit-bent toys and repurposed commercial enclosures.