Altos Transferre I

Altos Transferre I tracks are experimental works built in two or three sequential layers.  The first layer consists of live improvisation on the viola through a set of custom Max patches. The second layer, which is optional, involves reprocessing those recordings through the same, or a similar, set of patches. For the third and final layer, I sequence the resultant recordings in Logic.

Altos Transferre II

Alto Transferre II follows a procedure similar to the one in employed in Altos Transferre I, but here the works are more highly composed, and the proximity to the viola more remote and abstract. The logic of that relationship is practically homeopathic, the same mysticism Stockhausen affirmed when he wrote of the "highly-compressed" Beethoven symphony which nevertheless retains a trace of the original in the transformation. Radical objectivism: the experiences of the psychological subject are set aside in favor of the construction of the object.