Violin & Viola



An improvisatory performance that improves on previous implementations of the alto.glove system, especially its analysis and sound synthesis modules. Rapid machining dynamics are blended with slower textural accompaniment via live-recorded sound. Corporeal dynamics follow a different trajectory here, too, becoming looser - not to the point where the nuts and bolts are falling out, but rather closer to the "between," the interest (inter-esse), the interstices of violining and the history of its performance practice.

Cinematography by Megan Patzem. Video editing and sound by Seth Thorn. Recorded at the iStage within the School of Arts, Media, and Engineering @ Arizona State University.

Blue & Green

Free improvisation to iStage programs with live mapping to alto.glove. Recorded November 14, 2017 @ iStage, School of Arts, Media, and Engineering, Arizona State University.

Credits: Video and live mapping by Brandon Metchley, ambient sound by Emiddio Vasquez, and multichannel resonant filter banks by Julian Stein.


Verdacht collides post-digital techniques with string playing. The “suspicious” (verdächtig) element here is that very collision: where the viola does not belong, an uncanny fate for an ancient instrument made of wood, hair, and entrails. All electroacoustic music finds itself in this situation, but my goal is to push the “electro” and “acoustic” dimensions to opposite extremes.

Accepted to NIME 2017, NYCEMF 2017, SPLICE Festival 2018.

Tacna One (excerpt)


A suite of real-time works filmed in studio, Tacna explores digital and post-digital sound, including noise, procedural looping, spectral processing, and granulated delay.

Tacna Four (excerpt)

Tacna Four (conclusion)

Tacna Two (excerpt)

Tacna Three (excerpt)

NIME 2018

"Windowless" - live at Virginia Tech.